Friday, February 17, 2006

Many thanks to Franco and Manuela!

One week has gone and I am sitting at the airport, on my way back home. Jeroen had an earlier flight than me, so I have spent most of the day walking around in Torino. I will not be home until midnight.

I will take this opportunity to say many thanks to Franco and Manuela, our hosts during our stay at their home in Frossasco outside of Pinerolo. They made a great effort to make our stay for the Olympic Games as comfortable as possible.

It has been a very exciting week, although neither me nor Jeroen got to experience any golds for our countries. Jeroen still had his hopes up when we arrived at the Oval Lingotto for the team pursuits yesterday, but when Sven Kramer fell all hope was lost.

I still think the Italians would have beat the Dutch team in the semifinal, but we will never know of course. Anyway, even though Norway lost the bronze final to the Netherlands, it was a great experience to witness the first Italian speed skating gold medal ever - on their home ground!

I will keep posting pictures and stories from the Olympics after I get back home, so keep checking back!


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