Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fabris - my man!

Enrico Fabris, winner of todays 1500 m, is my man! I really hoped he would beat both Davis and Hedrick today.

They are both great athletes, and I watched them and cheered them both when they won last years World Allround Championships, but the ongoing arguments and discussions the last week have proved that they are both selfish athletes with only two thoughts on their mind: Me and I. At least Shani Davis showed he was happy about winning silver, and congratulating Fabris with his title. The way Hedrick showed he was not happy about his 6th place on the 1000 m and a bronze on the 1500 m - well that's the kind of expressions I hate to see in sports events at this level.

That's why I like Enrico Fabris. He is more modest. He cheered for his 5000 m bronze medal like he had won the gold, and he would probably have been happy about one bronze medal when the Games ended, even without the two gold medals he has earned himself afterwards.

The picture is taken after Italy won the Team Pursuit.


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