Friday, February 24, 2006

Two worthy Olympic champions today

The Norwegian failures continue. We were hoping for medals in the womens 30 km cross-country skiing and in the mens 10000 m speed skating today. But we ended up with 4th places again ...

In the absence of Norwegian success, it was nice to see two worthy and deserved Olympic champions in these events. 33 year old Katerina Neumannova, five times Olympic medallist, won her first Olympic title in the 30 km mass start today. 29 years old Bob de Jong, who got a silver in Nagano 8 years ago, but failed miserably in Salt Lake City 4 years later, won the 10000 m.

The first photo shows Katerina Neumannova (to the right) in the sprint with Kristina Smigun in the pursuit event the first Sunday of the Games. Neumannova lost the sprint to Kristina Smigun, and won her fourth Olympic silver medal.

Bob de Jong on his way to a 6th place on the 5000 m.


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